From Grief to Purpose: Rose Gichure

By Rose Gichure


In the quiet corners of sorrow, where the heart bears the weight of unfathomable loss, a resilient spirit emerged, forged in the crucible of grief. This is my story, a woman whose life has become a testament to the transformative power of pain, turning tragedy into purpose.

My journey through grief began in 2002 when my dad, a pillar of strength, succumbed to leukemia. The years that followed were marked by more heartbreak — my younger brother lost his life to Osteosarcoma in 2011, my mother to kidney failure in 2015, and the recent departure of my big brother in 2023, entrapped by the grip of alcohol-related problems.

In the wake of these profound losses, I found myself navigating the labyrinth of grief. Each loss, like a merciless storm, left me battered and broken. The pain seemed insurmountable, the voids left by my loved ones eternally unfillable.

Yet, amidst the darkness, a flicker of resilience kindled within me. In 2016, I took to blogging as a form of catharsis, pouring my heart into the digital realm. My words became a tapestry of shared pain, resonating with those who had also known the cold touch of loss. The therapeutic power of expression brought me a community of kindred spirits, each grappling with their own shadows.

As the years unfolded, my journey took an unexpected turn in 2022 when I embraced the world of podcasting and launched the Grief Angels Podcast. My voice, a balm for wounded souls, echoed through the digital airwaves, weaving tales of survival, resilience, and the profound connection that exists in shared pain. The podcast became a beacon of hope, a virtual space where listeners found solace in my raw vulnerability and unwavering honesty.

This also created a community of grievers who came together to share their own experiences virtually and soon enough, this grew into a need for companionship. There existed a huge gap in the support that grievers are accorded and support is largely blanketed under the guise of spirituality and a myriad of platitudes. Realizing this need, I started closed support group sessions, starting with parental loss and sibling loss.

Driven by a newfound purpose, I have taken a leap in 2023, venturing into grief coaching. Having walked through the darkest valleys of grief, I have become a guiding light for those still navigating the shadows. My coaching sessions are not just about healing but about transforming pain into a catalyst for growth.

In the sacred space of grief coaching, I discovered that my losses are not the end of my story but the beginning of a narrative that could inspire, uplift, and empower others. The echoes of my own anguish have now become the foundation upon which others can rebuild their lives.

My journey from grief to coaching is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. In turning my pain into purpose, I have not only found healing for myself but I have become a source of healing for countless others. The losses that once threatened to sink me into depression now became the stepping stones that led me to a life infused with meaning, compassion, and the enduring legacy of love.

I did not choose any of the above; grief found me, grief called me to this work. In the midst of my own pain, I discovered a calling I hadn’t anticipated. The losses that once threatened to drown me became the very currents guiding me towards purpose. Grief wasn’t a path I willingly chose, but it became the compass pointing me towards a mission greater than myself.

My story isn’t just about surviving heartaches; it is about transforming that pain into a force for good. Grief, in its unexpected way, has become the bridge connecting me to others in need.

In every coaching session, every shared story on the blog, and every episode of the podcast, I have embraced my calling, offering a glimmer of light to those navigating their own storms of sorrow. A way to help people, showing that even in the toughest moments, there can be hope, healing, and a chance for a better tomorrow.

For more information about Rose, you can check out her website.


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