Grappling with Grief


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We have all heard stories of grief and loss but it’s not until we experience it personally that we realize how precious life really is. And despite all of the resources available to us, sometimes we don’t know how to cope, or where to turn.  Grappling with Grief was created in part to provide people with a platform to tell their stories, and to help others who can relate to those stories to cope, overcome and heal.


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When GwG founder Jimmy Van found out about his father’s terminal illness, he decided to produce a documentary about his parents for a family keepsake. But an unintentional by-product of that project was that it helped him to cope with his grief, and channel it into something positive. For many of us, utilizing therapy and counseling to help us overcome grief has proven to be very beneficial. But sometimes people seek a different outlet.  Outlets that intentionally or not, end up helping others too. These are those stories.