Grappling with Grief

From Spinal Injury to Gold Medal: Ben Newton

by Shandi Pace   Ben Newton suffered permanent spinal injuries as a result of a car accident when he was two years old. As an adult, wheelchair rugby became his outlet to deal with the grief he couldn’t comprehend as a child. Originally from Sydney, Ben, his mother, and his infant sister got into a […]

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GwG’s Kyler James Shares His Story

In early September 2020, Grappling with Grief brought on a Social Media Manager by the name of Kyler James who GWG founder Jimmy Van knew from another venture. Kyler brings not just experience, but also exuberance and a positive outlook to the role. Kyler also has a great story to tell, and he agreed to […]

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Given THREE MONTHS to Live…But Winning

by Shandi Pace   Kathy Barnard and Natalie Richardson became united by their diagnosis of late-stage skin cancer. Kathy was given three to six months to live, while Natalie had to receive surgery to remove a mole. Their stories become intertwined by working together at the Save Your Skin Foundation to educate the public on melanoma and […]

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