Grappling with Grief

Using Grief to Honor Those We’ve Lost

by Chris Boutté   I’m no stranger to grief, and I’ve probably experienced more loss than the average person. I don’t say this as a way to say my loss is more valid than anyone else’s. I learned a long time ago that sometimes it helps to learn from others who have dealt with various […]

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The Only Way Past It Is Through It

by Rosemary Keevil   Grief is physical. Grief grabs you and keeps you in its clutches. Grief comes at you and punches you in the stomach. And just like those punches, the initial jab being the most powerful. Then it wavers a bit in its intensity, grief in the long term softens with time. But […]

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From Alcoholism to Sobriety Coach

by Shandi Pace   Oftentimes, people associate grief with loss. That’s not necessarily the case when it comes to Pam McRae’s story. Pam started as a social drinker, and over the course of ten years, fell into a dark hole where she was unable to stop herself from drinking. She found herself drinking to excess […]

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